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Your Guide to Creating the Perfect Chocolate Covered Strawberries 🍫🍓❤️


Discover the art of making the BEST Chocolate Covered Strawberries that will dazzle your taste buds. It’s simpler than you think to craft gourmet chocolate-covered strawberries that are ideal for special occasions like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Chocolate-covered strawberries on a plate

From delectable Lava Cakes to Panna Cotta and, of course, Red Velvet Cake, if you appreciate romantic desserts, you won’t want to miss these Chocolate Covered Strawberries!


Why You’ll Fall in Love with This Recipe

We’re about to reveal the secrets of melting and tempering chocolate correctly, resulting in glossy, non-sticky chocolate-covered strawberries with a delightful crunch when you take a bite.

We’ll also share our technique for dipping strawberries in chocolate and decorating them. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to create charming tuxedo strawberries or a stunning strawberry bouquet.

Glossy chocolate-dipped strawberry with white chocolate decoration


The Essential Ingredients

To create simple, delicious chocolate-covered strawberries, you only need two key ingredients:

  • Semi-sweet chocolate – choose either chocolate chips or bars
  • Strawberries – opt for large strawberries with vibrant stems

Chocolate bars and fresh strawberries

Selecting the Perfect Chocolate for Dipping Strawberries

For successful tempering, you’ll need real semisweet or dark chocolate with cocoa butter in the ingredients. These options work well:

  • Ghirardelli baking bars
  • Trader Joe’s Pound Plus Chocolate from Belgium
  • Guittard chocolate wafers

Can I use Candy Melts? Candy melts are compound chocolate and contain other ingredients besides cocoa butter. You can use them; simply melt them according to the package instructions.

The best chocolate bars and chocolate chips for dipping strawberries

The Step-by-Step Guide to Making Chocolate Covered Strawberries

  • Prepare strawberries – rinse and thoroughly pat dry with paper towels. Insert skewers if using.
  • Melt chocolate – Set 2/3 of your chopped chocolate into a bowl over a double boiler (a saucepan with about 1-inch of barely simmering water) and stir with a spatula for about 2 minutes until mostly melted and 110˚F then immediately remove from heat and set on a towel.
  • Add remaining chocolate: Stir in remaining 1/3 chocolate and stir continuously until chocolate cools to 90˚F.
  • Dip strawberries: pull back the leaves to use as a handle. Dip and roll strawberry in the chocolate until fully coating, letting excess drip back in the bowl. Place on parchment paper (if skewered, set skewer into a foam block).
  • Decorate strawberries: using white chocolate, crushed nuts, and sprinkles.

Step by step how to wash strawberries, melt or temper chocolate and dip strawberries

If the chocolate cools: place the bowl of chocolate back over the double boiler and warm the chocolate back to 90˚F (not hotter), stirring continuously.


Chocolate-covered strawberries on skewers

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I dye white chocolate?

You can use food coloring in white chocolate, but avoid water-based food coloring. Use gel colors.

What to do with leftover chocolate?

Spread excess chocolate over plastic wrap, let it cool, then break it into pieces and store it for a future project. The same can be done with dark or white chocolate.


Can I melt chocolate in the microwave?

Yes, but microwaving has a higher risk of burning chocolate. Place chopped chocolate into a microwave-safe bowl and heat for 30 seconds, stir, then heat for another 30 seconds, stir, and heat for one or two 15-second increments until

the chocolate is melted, stirring. Keep the chocolate temperature between 90˚-95˚F.

Why should chocolate be tempered?

Tempering is a method of heating and cooling chocolate to stabilize it, resulting in chocolate that has a nice shine and snap and won’t be sticky to the touch.

What is a double boiler?

A double boiler or “Bain-marie” is a simple way to heat ingredients gently over steam. You can make a double boiler using a medium saucepan filled with about an inch of barely simmering water. Place a rimmed bowl over the saucepan so the bowl sits above the rim of the saucepan over the steam (without touching the water).


Double boiler, thermometer, and spatula

Pro Tips for Crafting Perfect Chocolate Covered Strawberries

  • Dry strawberries – thoroughly pat them dry with paper towels. Water will prevent the chocolate from adhering and may make the chocolate appear dull. Wet strawberries are more likely to become mushy in the refrigerator.
  • Water is the enemy of melting chocolate. Avoid getting any water in the chocolate while tempering, as it will cause the chocolate to seize, become lumpy, and dry out. Use a rimmed bowl to keep steam out, and ensure the bowl and spatula are dry.
  • Use a thermometer to monitor the chocolate’s temperature and remove it from heat when it reaches 110˚F. It should never exceed 120˚F, or the chocolate will burn. Glass bowls retain heat, so remove quickly and set over a kitchen towel to prevent overheating.
  • Continuously stir the chocolate as it cools to the optimal dipping temperature of 85 to 90˚F.

Decorated chocolate-covered strawberries with tuxedo strawberries, sprinkles, and nuts

Make-Ahead Tips

For the best results, enjoy Chocolate Covered Strawberries within 1 to 2 days of making them, as the chocolate may cause the strawberries to sweat. Store them uncovered at room temperature for 1 day, and if you’re making them in advance, refrigerate them uncovered overnight.

Chocolate-dipped strawberries stored uncovered on a platter


For the Chocolate Covered Strawberries:

Prep Strawberries:

  • Rinse strawberries and pat dry thoroughly with a paper towel. Place in a single layer on a baking sheet (skewer strawberries if desired to set into a foam block).

How to Melt Chocolate:

  • Melt two-thirds (8oz) of your chopped semi-sweet chocolate over a double boiler for about 2 minutes, stirring constantly until chocolate is mostly melted and reaches 110˚F (never hotter than 120˚F or chocolate will burn).
  • Immediately remove the bowl from heat and set it on a kitchen towel. Add the remaining 1/3 of unmelted chocolate chips and stir constantly until cooled to 90˚F (the optimal dipping temperature is 85-90˚F.) If too warm, add more chocolate chips. If it starts to cool, return the bowl to the double boiler to warm back to 90˚F.

How to Dip Strawberries:

  • Working with one strawberry at a time, pull back the leaves to use as a handle. Then dip and roll in chocolate until evenly coated. Lift up the strawberry and let excess chocolate drip off. Place on wax or parchment-lined baking sheet (or place onto a foam block if using skewers).

To Decorate Strawberries:

  • Sprinkle on nuts, crumbs, or sprinkles while chocolate is moist so it adheres. Once semi-sweet chocolate is set, you can drizzle and decorate with melted white chocolate.

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