Every day, stray dog acts as a crossing guard and protects children crossing the street

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In Batumi, Georgia, a stray dog named Kupata is a hard worker.


While this is a self-proclaimed job, it is important no matter what.

He assists all the schoolchildren in the area to cross the street, as he is the school crossing guard.

Kupata has a real weakness for children. That’s why he wants to make sure they get to school safely.


Back when Kupata was a small dog, he unexpectedly showed up in town.

Although he was a stray, Kupata was always fed and cared for by the community.


He took up residence in the stairwells of some nearby apartments. One day, the dog started jumping out of cars to stop them so that the children could cross the street.

Kupata starts barking furiously at the approaching vehicles. He returns and crosses the street with the children after they have stopped.


Because he used to play with the children in the park next to his house, Kupata began to feel protective of them.

Kupata dedicates his life to keeping the children safe in the park.

This is why he frequently barks at intoxicated people who hang out there.

“His three closest friends are Nona, a woman who feeds him, and a daughter and Beka, who also looks after him. Having grown up around children, Kupata likes to play with them. He will often play with children in the park next to his house, according to Kupata’s Instagram.


He loves sausages! So much that he has been given the name sausage.

This is what Kupata intends to mean.

He often takes a nap while keeping an eye on the children in the neighborhood.


Kupata is well loved in his neighborhood and became famous after a video of him running over children went viral.

In fact, Kupata is now a popular tourist destination.

People travel great distances to see him and take a picture with him. He even has his own doghouse provided by the Adjara Tourism Department.


He was even painted on the side of a local building. Kupata is the driving force behind a regional initiative in Batumi that provides adopters of stray dogs with a pitiful annual stipend.

The town hopes this will help solve the stray dog problem. Therefore, Kupata is really significant. He is well known.

He is even referred to on his Instagram page as “Georgia Pride.” On this page, people will see many works of art influenced by Kupata.


Kupata, however, is not worried about his notoriety on the internet or in his community.

He only cares that children cross the street safely. And he gets a lot of love in return. Kupata receives gifts from all over the world. As a result, he is well loved not only in his hometown but also around the world. Kupata, however, doesn’t want to let it go.

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