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Posted November 8, 2022 by: Admin #Animals

This is Joy, a puppy that was abandoned on the street. It was small and weak because its mother did not take care of it. It couldn’t take care of itself and seemed to leave its future to chance. But fortunately, volunteers from Howl Of A Dog, a Romanian nonprofit animal rescue organization, discovered him and brought him to its facility.


When Joy entered the shelter, it was considered the very first day of her life, as she weighed only 160 grams. Besides being extremely vulnerable, blind, deaf, toothless and unable to regulate the body temperature, newborn orphaned puppies are difficult to raise. Although the puppy faces many challenges, the staff has gone above and beyond to care for him and help him develop.

With help from the staff, the puppy spent most of the first week sleeping and eating. It took three weeks for the little girl to finally open her eyes. She began to meet other furry creatures and explore everything around her. By the time she was seven weeks old, she was strong enough to eat on her own. Everyone helped find her a new home when she was ready to be adopted.


The good news reached the Howl Of A Dog team after 4 months. Joy was adopted by a wonderful Dutch family who fell in love with her. Her new parents, Ellen and Ricardo, traveled all over Europe to bring her home personally. We are happy to know that Joy is now living in her home with her devoted family.


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