Coronel was left by his family when he was sick, they rescued him and now he lives as a king

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It was when Coronel needed them the most because of his TVT (Transmissible Venereal Tumor) disease that they abandoned him on the street and never reached out to him again. He kept hoping that his family would love him again, but no, his health declined each time, until a Foundation reached out to him, saved him from death and gave him the best family he could have.
In front of his house, Coronel was dying.


Canines 911, Maber, president of the AC Foundation. He was working in Villahermosa, Mexico, when he learned of a very sick dog with TVT that was bleeding, damaged and miserable. If he had a few more days, he would have gone over the rainbow, but it wasn’t his time to go.


He was such a dedicated dog that even though he was treated with contempt after learning that his family had taken him away, neighbors continued to feed him until those angelic saviors took him away.

“He used to have a family, but when he got sick, they just left him there, and that broke my heart and made me very sad.” Maber said


He was suffering from severe TVT when he was evaluated, so they started stabilizing his platelets and feeding him properly before starting his chemotherapy. The dog handlers began to care for and cherish this dog as if he were a child, despite being severely injured and unhappy.

He was receiving therapy for a long time; they took him to his chemo treatments, and because of the doctors’ efforts, he showed progress. He looked less depressed now, more optimistic. His expression had changed.

After a lot of pain and suffering, he was finally able to put an end to the illness; he was already healthy and was grateful to start a new life. He was already in good health and was grateful to start a new life. His agony vanished as soon as he saw the ideal owner, a family he had waited for so long.



Now, he lives a life full of love and compassion, and he even learns to swim by taking him on adventures. Not a day goes by that he isn’t showered with kisses and hugs from his family, who care about nothing but him.




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