Woman insists on adopting 19-year-old dog who spent 14 years in shelter

19yearold adopting Animals Dog insists shelter spent Woman years

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This dog has been in the shelter for over 19 years.


Many of the animals in shelters aspire to leave their kennels and find a forever home. Yet, not all of them have the ability to attract adopters and get a home quickly. Some dogs stay in the shelter for a long time, especially senior dogs.

Stuart, one of these senior dogs, spent the first 14 years of his life at Friends of Strays, Inc.


However, one of the staff members, Emily Wozniak, decided to help adopt the dog because she found him unbearable at this point.

This decision was made after sharing Staurt’s heartwarming story on social media.


Stuart, then 19 years old, was soon adopted by Natalie Snyder. Repo Rescue was founded by Natalie.

She made the decision to care for the senior dog herself to give him a future and hope.


However, the shelter refused her request and informed her that they had decided that the shelter would be his home and that leaving would be a challenge for him.

Natalie was determined to adopt him, so she began convincing the shelter staff that the dog would be better off in his new cozy home than in his old shelter.


Stuart is now the happiest senior dog after she adopted him.



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