The best storage ideas for small kitchens

ideas kitchens small storage

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We all wish we had a big kitchen, but the truth is that most of the time we have to settle for narrow kitchens where we have to make the most of the centimeters. In smaller kitchens, order is essential, as space for all kitchen utensils and small appliances ensures their smooth functioning.


The best storage ideas for small kitchens

When dealing with limited space, it’s also time to be a little clever and take advantage of vertical space as well. In the toughest cases, it’s important to make the most of the backsplash, and even in large kitchens, it’s always a good idea to divide up drawers, cabinets, and pull-outs as much as possible. In smaller kitchens, there is not much to use for this, table drawers or small carts are also often used as additional storage space.

The control panel is a good place to keep the ones you use the most

In small kitchens, don’t underestimate the space a backsplash can give you. Magnets for knives, rods to hang fabrics, dish drainers or spice racks. There are many options for this room to free up space for drawers and shelves. A note. As much as possible, try to put what you use the most on the board.


The best storage ideas for small kitchens

Clearly arranged work surface thanks to intermediate shelves

We continue to use the vertical space and if you have space you can even put a flat shelf under the upper cabinets to store the microwave and the breakfast cups…

the cabinet doors also serve to keep things in order. There are many solutions for cabinet doors and shelves. Some are so practical that they do not need a drill.


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