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Got makeup? Then you have clutter, period. The fact is, I’m a bit of a beauty product junkie. Makeup is not something I need more of! But I also want to have a clutter free bathroom, and I don’t want to spend an amount equal to my monthly cell phone bill to buy cute little storage systems. I just don’t. With-me? Thought so… So here we have it, great makeup storage ideas & organizers any of you can make to put it all in it’s place, and keep your money in your pocket.


DIY Makeup Organizer Ideas

So let’s start with this super pretty DIY makeup organizer from ‘Paper and Stitch‘. We are in love with this, and it is really easy to make! The painted details are fun and feminine, and you can even turn it over to a plain side if you are feeling more minimal. We love this for makeup brush storage, but you can also use it for mascara, lip gloss, even tools like lash curlers and cotton swabs.

Pretty DIY Makeup Storage Ideas & Organization

Want a super easy makeup storage idea? Then jump on over to ‘Domino‘, and see how they turned a wooden spice rack (cheap!) into a DIY makeup organizer! You can use this as the perfect small space wall storage, and all it takes it some paint and some craft lettering. (Optional, of course!) It doesn’t have to be just makeup either. Skin care, hair care and tools will fit into these shelves, without sliding off.


This little makeup caddy DIY from ‘The Pretty Girls‘ is super easy, super cute, and super useful. They purchased the caddy itself in the dollar section at Target. Then it’s just paint! They have a full tutorial for their brush stroke look, but it’s so simple to do, you almost don’t need one. This would also be great for teenagers who have their own products, to keep the shower from getting cluttered. Or to keep siblings from fighting it out when one uses the others mascara. 😉


Makeup Drawers You Can DIY

Laura at ‘My Newest Addiction‘ found a way to make an Ikea dupe with a Michael’s drawer system. Oh my… how much could I fit in here? She has lot’s of information on how to find it, and even some tips on putting it together! And also, BTW… tells us which palettes fit in which drawers. Palettes are getting to be a problem for me… 🙁  I just wish my bathroom vanity just had enough room!




If you have a set of drawers for your makeup, but it’s still a mess, no problem. These DIY makeup organizer drawer dividers from ‘PinkSoFoxy‘ are made from foam core board, and really glam fabric!

Makeup Brush Organizers

‘Irina’s Cute Box‘ shows you this really simple DIY makeup brush organizer project from a sushi mat. I’ve seen these at my ‘Dollar Tree’! I like this because it has a modern flare to it, but also protects the brushes a bit more than a fabric roll might. Also, because it’s super easy. Are you getting that around here we love “easy”?



Another cute Dollar Tree makeup storage idea for brushes is to fill glass jars with stones or beads, then use them for organizing your brushes. Easy, cheap, fast, pretty! From ‘Beauty and the Benchpress‘.

Ikea Makeup Organizer Ideas

This Ikea hack DIY rolling vanity is an easy and perfect makeup storage idea from Melissa at ‘The Polka Dot Chair‘. This would also be great if you have several teenagers sharing a bathroom… Need I say more? Maybe the lettering should be first names, and “Hands Off”! 🙂



DIY Makeup Palette

From ‘Lips and Berries‘, this DIY makeup palette is the perfect budget dupe for the expensive universal palettes, and the perfect solution for those of us who have individual powder makeup floating around. Not having a palette for those means that most of the time, you will forget to use them. Not only that, you can’t see the whole of your collection. And, it is so messy trying to use a brush in a small pan of eyeshadow that isn’t stuck to something, right?  She made this for less than $3! Buying a magnetic makeup palette can cost upwards of $30, so she is saving you big bucks here. Watch for those specials where the individual pans of eyeshadow you love go on crazy sale, stock up, and make this palette! Brilliant!

Travel Makeup Organizer Ideas

This cute “Lips” makeup pouch from ‘Making Nice in the Midwest‘ via ‘A Beautiful Mess‘ is an easy sewing project for anyone who wants to take their makeup along with them with a smile. Literally. 🙂 The zipper keeps everything from sliding around your suitcase or travel train case, and let’s be honest. This. Is. So. Awesome.


Lastly, if  you don’t want to DIY home organizing , that’s ok too… we found this makeup storage system on Amazon for right around $15! And it’s on a lazy susan so it rotates! Love this!




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