The Heartwarming Story of Snickers, the Backyard Survivor

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A solitary kitten discovered in the confines of a backyard made a momentous decision – he would transform into a pampered feline for life.


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In the preceding month, a faint mewing guided a compassionate soul to a newborn kitten’s location. The palm-sized kitten had been left abandoned, nestled in the solitude of the backyard.

Waiting in anticipation for the mother cat’s return proved futile. With every passing hour, the need for intervention became increasingly apparent.

Upon learning of the solitary kitten, Patricia Lika, an ardent animal rescuer and foster carer, sprang into action.


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Patricia took the tiny creature under her wing, rolling up her sleeves to attend to his needs. She recounted to Love Meow, “He was only a few days old, requiring round-the-clock care. Our initial feedings were somewhat challenging as he was adapting to the bottle and formula.”


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Patricia’s dedication ensured that Snickers, the kitten’s given name, received nourishment, warmth, comfort, and affection. Within a few days, he mastered the art of bottle-feeding, marking a significant turning point.

“Fortunately, he adapted well. He started eating like a champion and transformed into a little love-bug.”


kitten snuggly

Over the subsequent fortnight, Snickers exhibited significant progress, with his energy and affection blossoming day by day.

“Even at such a tender age, he relished belly rubs and extra cuddles after each feeding. This routine brought him immense comfort. As soon as the bottle was empty, he would roll over,” Patricia shared with Love Meow.

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Snickers savored his moments with his foster mom, finding solace in her lap. He purred softly, content in her presence.

“He purrs incessantly as soon as I pick him up. He’s incredibly affectionate and adores humans. While being a solitary baby can be lonely, not for Snickers.”

As he continued to grow, Snickers learned to play and amuse himself within his playpen.


His increasing size unveiled a playful spirit and a mischievous streak. Fearless and brimming with joy, he was always ready for a game of chase or a cuddle on the couch.

kitten playful paws

The clever feline darted and pounced, batting at toys and scaling posts with unrestrained enthusiasm.

The couch became his personal playground, where he frolicked and cavorted across the cushions until fatigue overcame him, leading to tranquil slumber.


Snickers, now approximately six weeks old, was experiencing rapid growth. He still cherished his bottle. Single kittens typically find comfort in bottle feeding for an extended period. Perhaps it’s the sense of security and connection with their human caregiver, but that was perfectly fine.

“We’ll proceed at a gradual pace, and we’ll get there soon. For now, he’s just a big baby who relishes the joys of infancy.”

Patricia and her fellow rescuers remained vigilant for the mother cat, who was presumably concealed somewhere in the neighborhood.

They were committed to providing her with comprehensive care, including spaying and any other necessities.


kitten sleeping tired

The once-newborn kitten had blossomed into a vibrant, spirited young cat, overflowing with energy and a larger-than-life personality.

Each day, he reveled in the joys of being a pampered feline, basking in the love of those who surrounded him and savoring every moment to the fullest.

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