Heartwarming Story of Storie: A Pregnant Pit Bull’s Journey to Motherhood

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A Good Intention


Chris and Mariesa are a couple like any other. After a few years together, they decided to welcome a dog into their home. So, they visited various shelters to find a friendly canine companion who would capture their hearts.


After meeting several adorable animals, the young woman fell madly in love with a pregnant “pit bull.” The couple immediately realized she was the chosen one and decided to adopt her.

Her name is Storie, and she had a dark past. Her previous owner had abandoned her after realizing that adopting a dog required a huge investment, both personally and financially.

Expanding Their Family


For Chris and Mariesa, there was no chance of giving up this precious gift from heaven. They didn’t just want to adopt an animal; they wanted to expand their family. In fact, Storie was the 9th dog for the couple.

In Mariesa’s previous romantic relationships, she faced several issues with her partners because of dogs. But Chris didn’t seem to mind, as he also had a deep love for animals.


However, despite their extensive experience with dogs, things took a new turn with Storie…

A Different Breed

Pit bulls, with their strong muscles, large heads, and small eyes, can be intimidating at times, unlike other breeds with impeccable reputations.


Accused of savagery, aggression, and cruelty, people tend to unfairly blame this breed. In many countries, strict laws prohibit having a pit bull as a pet precisely for this reason.

Without a Family

In shelters, many of them struggle to find adoptive families. This motivated Mariesa and her partner to lend a helping hand.


What the couple didn’t know was that Storie’s arrival would change their family’s life forever…


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