Cleaning the fridge in the blink of an eye: Expert advice

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The women are unquestionably experts in cleanliness, possessing a deep knowledge of the secrets that make the house shine and smell nice.



Each one has her own method, but they are all almost infallible. All you have to do is try them to find the one that suits you best, ready to solve any household problem quickly and without excessive expenses.

Women all over the world take care of every corner of their homes, including household appliances such as the refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, and dryer. However, not all of them know the most effective and practical method to maintain the cleanliness of their home with minimal effort. Let’s try to discover one that suits everyone.

How to Maintain Household Appliances at Home

Household appliances are a great help in our daily lives, but they require proper maintenance to extend their lifespan. Maintenance varies depending on each appliance, with some needing attention every two or three months, and others more or less frequently. The level of care depends on how you use these appliances.


The Importance of Cleaning and Maintaining the Refrigerator

Today, we focus on cleaning and maintaining the refrigerator and freezer, appliances we constantly use. It is essential to keep them organized, clean, and well-arranged to ensure the longevity of these appliances and the freshness of our food.


The refrigerator should be cleaned at least once a month, while the freezer should be defrosted several times a year for optimal operation. Start by removing the shelves and drawers.

Cleaning the Refrigerator Quickly and Economically

The shelves and drawers should be thoroughly cleaned, especially if they are very dirty or have not been cleaned for a long time. You can use a store-bought detergent or, alternatively, an economical homemade product that will leave your refrigerator clean and fragrant with minimal effort.


Simply mix a cup of white vinegar with water or use it undiluted. Apply this solution to the entire interior of the refrigerator, possibly using a slightly rough sponge to remove dirt and stains. The shelves you removed should also be cleaned in the same way.

Once you have finished cleaning the inside of the refrigerator, make sure to dry it thoroughly before putting the shelves and drawers back in place, now clean and shiny as new. For the external cleaning of the refrigerator, use a little dish soap that you spray directly onto a soft, dry, or slightly damp cloth.

Polishing the Refrigerator with Ease

After lathering up, rinse with a soft, damp cloth. If your refrigerator is made of steel, you can polish it with a little baby oil, giving it a new look.


Use a small amount of oil to prevent the refrigerator’s surface from becoming greasy, which would attract dirt. Spray the oil on a soft, dry cloth and gently rub the entire door, following the steel lines. Your refrigerator will be clean, shiny, and fragrant, similar to a new appliance.

This recently revealed secret can apply not only to the refrigerator but also to any other steel appliance you have at home, such as the sink or oven. Sometimes, the best solution is right before our eyes, but we have trouble seeing it.


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