Catniss’s Second Chance: A Tale of Love and Survival

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About two months ago, Kristen Sterner, a foster volunteer for St. Francis Society Animal Rescue, responded to an urgent plea from an animal shelter. The plea was for a 6-week-old kitten, frail and emaciated, in desperate need of rescue.


tuxedo kitten rescue

This tiny tuxedo kitten was discovered by a kind-hearted Good Samaritan, who attempted to feed her. Sadly, the kitten was too weak to eat, suffering from an upper respiratory infection, severe dehydration, anemia, and malnutrition.

Kristen took her in, fully aware of the grim prognosis. However, she followed her instincts and decided to give the kitten, whom she named Catniss, a fighting chance.

kitten snuggles sweet


Kristen embarked on a critical care journey for Catniss, who required substantial strength to recover. She started by syringe-feeding the kitten, gradually transitioning her to self-feeding.

As Catniss regained her vitality, she exhibited an endearing habit of kneading her blanket and joyfully pushing her paws in and out. She made a remarkable recovery, becoming a little warrior in the process.


curious tuxedo kitten

After several days of unwavering care and love, Catniss regained her appetite, her body temperature normalized, and she became increasingly curious about her surroundings.

Catniss was ready to graduate from her incubator and explore her foster home. As she ventured around, she encountered other foster kittens and Mickey, a resident cat. Catniss was overjoyed to be part of their furry family.


sweet kitten catniss

Soon, Catniss was playfully engaging with her fellow kittens, behaving as if they had always been siblings. Mickey, the resident cat, became her protector and a constant source of comfort.

Catniss found solace and love in her furry companion, Mickey.

cat adores kitten hugs


Whenever Mickey cared for her, Catniss would melt in his embrace, savoring every moment. The resident cat ensured she was never alone.

In just two months, Catniss transformed into a beautiful, affectionate young cat with a penchant for cuddling.

cat kittens snuggle cuddle


Catniss was now ready for her next adventure – finding her forever family. It didn’t take long for the perfect family to discover her. She moved into her forever home two days ago, joining another kitten named Sunny, who became her playmate.

“I can’t believe the progress she has made. Just to think, she was minutes away from not getting a chance at a beautiful life,” Kristen shared with Love Meow.

Catniss not only made lifelong friends during her foster care journey but also found her forever family and home. Kristen couldn’t be prouder of her.

tuxedo kitten window


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