5 Office Design Tips From the Devil Wears Prada

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Miranda Priestly is without a doubt one of the most iconic fashion figures ever celebrated in the film. Although her self-absorbed character, perfectly played by Meryl Streep, is distinctly undesirable, her impeccable style is clearly evident, not just in her clothing choices but also in her office design. If you’d like to recreate Priestly”s workspace and give her office a sophisticated, urban aesthetic finish, then here are five stylish design tips to help you achieve it.

Use functional furniture

Miranda Priestly’s office is decorated with pieces that are not only stylish but also functional. No matter how stylish her table or her desk chair is, her design efforts will be for nothing if she can’t use her furniture properly. Make sure all her furniture is in excellent condition and working properly.


Replace your worn-out rugs with new ones or, if you’re on a tight budget, make sure to clean them regularly. If your office table is wobbly, have a technician check it out, or you can do it yourself. Choose a reliable supplier like Replacementtablelegs.com, as they offer a wide selection of furniture-related products at a reasonable price.

Focus on lighting

Contrary to Miranda Priestly’s cold and rigid personality, her office seems inviting and welcoming, mainly because of how bright it is. If she has large windows, set up her desk near them to make the most of natural lighting. Use light-colored blinds to make the room look spacious and airy. If your office doesn’t have the luxury of daylighting, invest in high-quality lamps and place them strategically around the room. If space is limited, you can use a modern, ambient floor lamp and place it in the area with ​​least foot traffic.


Use unique but comfortable office chairs

Leather chairs can turn a bland office room into a stylish workspace, as this durable fabric exudes professionalism and elegance. For a more sustainable option, you can use vegan leather as it is not produced from animal skins, ensuring your seats are cruelty-free. Choose a chair in dark tones with a stainless steel base for your desk and use compact but comfortable armchairs in your reception or meeting area.

Create a gallery wall


A notable aspect of Priestley’s office was its walls, lined with art pictures in varying sizes of rectangular frames. For a similar look, he can display his favorite pictures and use black and white frames in various sizes or identical sizes. If he doesn’t want to bombard his walls with picture frames, he can hang an octagonal mirror to add a distinctive ambiance to the room.

Incorporate a statement piece

To make your office space more luxurious, invest in an eye-catching piece that highlights your character and shows off your style. Whether it’s a vintage chair, a quirky console, or a sophisticated rug, make sure it complements the overall theme of your office space. While choosing a conversation starter is ideal, avoid buying an expensive piece for the benefit of interior design fashion.

Turning your office into a Devil Wears Prada-inspired workspace doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Follow these tips and let your inner Miranda Priestly do the styling.


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