21 Best Ways to Get a Long Bob for Thin Hair

Bob Hair Long Thin Ways

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Long bobs for fine hair include medium-length cuts which are layered and textured to provide volume and movement. This look adds fullness to the ends of the hair, making a thicker look effortless.


Designer Piper Bryant of Knoxville, TN, adores the benefits of a lob cut for women with fine hair. It’s great for those who want to change their look while keeping the length around their face.

The final tip Bryant would like to share is to “understand your hair texture and type. This is the key to figuring out how many layers and lengths work best for you.

If you are having shorter layers around your face, it won’t be easy to support and achieve this style.


#1: Blonde Balayage in a Fine Lob Cut

A blonde balayage on a thin lob cut helps take this crop to the next level. Be prepared to schedule a few maintenance appointments for this look though, the results are worth it!

#2: bulky blonde wolf

Soft Side Swept Long Bob Cut for Fine Hair


With a voluminous blonde lob, you will shine and turn heads, with all eyes on you. Balloons are one of the best hairstyles if you have warm golden skin. Keep your natural hair color at the root area or go for a color that is a few shades lighter than blonde if you want to add depth and dimension to your hair. This messy lob can be styled straight or curly, but messy waves give it that natural, lived-in feel that can be twisted from one side to the other.

#3: Soft Side Swept Bob Cut

Long bob for very fine hair

Elevate your style with a soft side-swept bob cut. Even the thinnest hair textures will look great with a bob cut, but make sure the layers are kept to a minimum to keep the weight on the ends. If you’re worried about adding wide front bangs, start a little longer at the chin. That way it will grow in an instant. A side-swept bob is very complementary to most face shapes, so go for it.


#4: Long bob for very fine hair

A long bob can be suitable for very fine hair, but it should be cut with long bangs. Cutting your bangs longer will create some volume in the front and make your hair look fuller. Try to use less heat on your hair, let it air dry if you can, and remember to do weekly treatments to strengthen and hydrate, especially if you dye your hair.

#5: Blonde balloon with center parting

Lob haircut to the neck for fine-haired ladies

A blonde lob with a middle part is so on trend right now. Ask your stylist to do a root shadow with your blonde color. A root shade is a color technique used to create low maintenance color by layering a darker color on the scalp area. This will help blend the color for a seamless look. It’s a great way to give your color depth and longevity between appointments.


#6: Neck length haircut

natural red lob for fine hair

A neck-length haircut is a bold and surefire way to draw all the attention in the room. A blunt cut hairstyle will create fullness and is dramatic when paired with messy, textured layers. Lobs are the best hairstyles to go for if you love medium lengths that can be styled both sleek and messy. It is the best hairstyle duo.

#7: natural red lob for fine hair


A natural red lob is ideal for fine hair because warm colors work to expand the overall appearance of the hair, while short hair looks healthier and thicker. The combination of shorter lengths and warm colors will help fine hair look thick and full of life and body.

#8: Choppy Bob with Bangs for Women Over 40

A long, choppy bob with bangs is a fun take on a classic hairstyle for women over 40. A long bob with bangs for fine hair will create softness around the face while adding a messy, voluminous texture to the rest of your hair, making your fine hair look thicker and fuller. Curl sections of your hair by alternating back and forth motions, then finish with a texture spray.

#9: Straight balloon with center line


Have you ever thought of sporting a straight lob with a middle part? I bet you are now! A long bob haircut for fine hair is great because it makes your hair appear thicker and is so versatile when it comes to styling. You can recreate this sleek, smooth style by using a round brush when blow drying, as well as using a smoothing cream and hair serum.

#10: Lob with face-framing bangs for women over 50

Consider a lob with face-framing bangs for women over 50 if you want to embrace your youthful side. The longer lengths at the front of your haircut will complement your face and the shorter lengths at the back will help add fullness to your hairstyle. Long bobs for fine hair are game changers.

#11: Shoulder Length Bob for Fine Wavy Hair

Long bob for round faces with fine hair


When looking for a shoulder-length bob for wavy hair, think about how much time you’ll save getting ready in the morning with this easy-to-maintain hairstyle. A bob of fine shoulder-length hair will create much-needed texture and body in your locks. With naturally wavy hair, you should just be able to spray on a texture spray and call it a day or a quick test with a hot tool should do the trick. Either way, minimal effort is required for a high-impact hairstyle that you’re sure to love.

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#12: Long bob for round faces

Long Shaggy Bob with Bangs and Messy Waves for Fine Hair

Try a long bob for round faces to help frame your face and complement your facial structure. A round face shape can benefit from longer framing lengths, which is why a long bob style is one of the most sought after hairstyles. Style your hair smooth with a round brush while blow-drying or flat ironing, and don’t forget the heat protectant beforehand!

#13: Long Shaggy Bob with Bangs and Messy Waves

Try a long shaggy bob with bangs and messy waves if you love an effortless, textured hairstyle. A layered lob for fine hair with bangs will never fail to give you texture and body. Adding bangs to your haircut will help shape your face and blend in with the face-framing layers, making it the perfect soft touch on a long bob. Style with a sea salt spray or tousle spray, tousle your hair with your hands and voila!

#14: Graduated long bob for women over 60

Sleek Blunt Lob for Fine Straight Hair

A graduated long bob for women over 60 is a slim hairstyle to consider if you need a fun new haircut to brighten up your overall look. Having a long, angled bob for fine hair will give everyone the illusion that your hair is thicker and fuller than it actually could be. The shorter (and more layers) added in the back will help increase the volume your hair can achieve. Use a round brush and volumizing products when blow drying to reach the full potential of your new hairstyle.

#15: Sleek Blunt Lob for Straight Hair

A straight blunt lob for straight hair is ideal for women who want an easy hairstyle to wake up and get going. Cutting a blunt lob on fine hair will help add weight to the ends, making the hair appear thicker than it is. A lob hairstyle is attractive because it is slightly angled at the ends, creating a fun and bold outlook.

#16: Textured Lob Cut with Waves

Try a wavy textured lob cut if you’re looking to add more texture and volume to your hairstyle. To increase the amount of texture after styling, be sure to ask your hairstylist for some face-framing layers and pieces. Ultimately, this will create more body for those getting a textured lob for fine hair. Be sure to choose a texture spray and medium hold hairspray to finish off your new hairstyle.

#17: Long Layered Bob on Fine Hair

Consider a long layered bob on fine hair. If you want to add texture to your hair without losing too much length, try longer layers! Feel free to add more layers around your face for a soft, faded finish. This makes for a perfect long layered bob for fine hair.

#18: A-line bobcut

An A-line lob cut with money pieces will give you the “wow” factor you are looking for. Not only is it one of the biggest trends happening right now, but it’s also a great way to brighten up your overall appearance and highlight your facial features. A long A-line bob is a great starter haircut for those eyeball styles.

#19: Low Maintenance Long Angled Bob

A low-maintenance angled long bob is a lovely option for women with fine-textured hair. A shoulder length bob for fine hair looks best when the hair is a single length blunt cut. This will create the illusion that your hair is thicker and fuller, giving you a bold and dazzling appearance.

#20: Inverted Long Bob

A long, inverted bob looks best on women with fine, straight hair. With naturally straight hair, this hairstyle is easy. A lob haircut for fine hair will create fullness and volume while maintaining a slightly longer length in the front so you still have a sleek look to your hairstyle.

#21: Edgy Long Stacked Bob

An edgy long stacked bob is perfect for women who love body and volume in their hair. The more stacked the back is, the higher the hair can sit. A long bob hairstyle can be styled in many different ways, but it is best worn straight or with some messy curls for a more tousled look. Whether you’re playing with your hair, using root lift products, or just spraying on a texture spray, this hairstyle for fine hair will maximize your volume.

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