Supermarket shoppers furious over Bisto gravy price ask ‘when will this madness end?’

Posted February 23, 2023 by: Admin #News

Shoppers have taken to social media to voice their frustration over the cost of Bisto gravy, with some calling the £4.50 price tag for a 450g tub “ridiculous”.


The complaints arose after a member of a money-saving Facebook group posted a photo of the product for sale in an Asda store, prompting others to share their disbelief about the price. Some said they wouldn’t buy the product “out of principle”, while others suggested switching to cheaper own-brand supermarket options.

According to, Asda is one of the most expensive supermarkets for Bisto gravy, but not the most. Sainsbury’s is currently selling the same product for a higher price of £4.85.

An investigation by Grocer Magazine revealed that nearly 50 Bisto instant gravy SKUs are up as much as 50.9% across Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Asda since the beginning of 2023. Bisto’s owner, Premier Foods, has said that the price is set “at the sole discretion of retailers” and that it regularly reviews its prices and looks for ways to offset cost pressures. A spokesperson added that the company only makes pricing changes as a last resort and will adjust pricing if cost pressures reduce in future.


Asda responded to the complaints by saying that the price of Bisto products in its stores is in line with most supermarkets, and that it is doing everything it can to keep prices in check.

However, some shoppers remain skeptical of the pricing strategy, with one saying “to hype it to this price is absolutely taking the pee. They will lose money.” The controversy raises questions about the pricing of essential items, and whether retailers are doing enough to keep costs under control in the face of rising inflation and supply chain challenges.


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