Royal Rumble: Charles vs Trump dispute over Kate’s topless remarks as well as “Prince of Whales’ slip

Posted November 5, 2022 by: Admin #Mental health

  • In 2012 an French magazine published images that showed Kate Middleton sunbathing topless on the beach during a holiday.

  • At the moment, Donald Trump weighed in and tweeted that the monarch was only “herself to be to blame.”

  • A new royal book says the comments struck an emotional chord with the Prince William as well as King Charles.



Donald Trump’s remarks about Kate Middleton’s naked sunbathing photos in 2012 struck a chord in the minds of Prince William, Prince Harry and King Charles, as a new book says.

Christopher Andersen is the author of the royal biographies “The The King: The life of Charles III,” due to be published within the UK on the 8th of December. His earlier titles comprise “Brothers and Wives: The private lives of William, Kate, Harry as well as Meghan,” which is one of seven books Andersen has written about the royals.

His latest work focuses on the relationship Charles 73 was in to Donald Trump, 76, years before he became president. According to excerpts published by Newsweek the rift between the royals and Trump reached an impasse when Trump, the president of the time US President tweeted Middleton could just “blame her” because of the French publication Closer publishing photos of her in her topless swimsuit in 2012.


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