Body camera footage shows moment police officer tasered 95-year-old gran at nursing home

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In a remarkable and deeply saddening turn of events, an incident involving a 95-year-old grandmother at her nursing home in Australia has captured the attention of the nation. The incident, which was caught on bodycam footage worn by the police officers, has left the elderly woman, Clare Nowland, critically injured. As a result, her family, who cherish her dearly, is now filled with immense grief and uncertainty.


The encounter unfolded when Clare, armed with a steak knife, slowly approached the police officers who had arrived at Yallambee Lodge, an aged care home in Cooma, New South Wales. In a bid to ensure the safety of all parties involved, the officers resorted to the use of a taser, which resulted in Clare falling and sustaining critical injuries. The injuries, however, were not directly caused by the taser’s electric shock, but rather from the impact of the fall.

Assistant Commissioner Peter Cotter expressed his deep concern for the incident, acknowledging the confronting nature of the footage. He assured the public that a thorough investigation, led by the homicide squad detectives, is currently underway. Although the footage will not be released publicly due to its sensitive nature, it will serve as a crucial piece of evidence in determining the facts surrounding the incident.


This distressing event has sparked a global outcry, igniting a vital discussion regarding the use of conducted energy devices or stun guns by the New South Wales state police. As the investigation unfolds, questions are being raised about the use of force in such situations. While Commissioner Cotter refrained from commenting on whether excessive force was used, he emphasized the complexity of the circumstances, with a 95-year-old woman slowly approaching the officers while relying on a walking frame.


The family of the great-grandmother believes that she may have been innocently preparing toast with a butter knife during the early morning hours when the police arrived. Nicole Lee, the president of the advocacy group People with Disability Australia, expressed shock and concern over the violence displayed during the incident. She emphasized the challenging nature of dementia and its effect on individuals, noting that aggression often stems from fear and confusion in those suffering from the condition.

As the investigation progresses, the police officer involved in firing the stun gun is currently not on active duty. The exact circumstances surrounding the officer’s status remain unclear, including whether they have been suspended or not.


In response to this distressing incident, NSW Deputy Premier Prue Car expressed her deep concern and extended her sympathies to the family affected. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, she stressed the need for a thorough examination of the events that unfolded, ensuring accountability for all parties involved.

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