Prince Charles Commits to Daily Walking Routine

Charles Commits Daily Prince Routine Walking

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Prince Charles committed to a daily walking routine, yet his path led him by a particular corner where a prostitute consistently offered her services. With time, he developed a mental readiness for this encounter, foreseeing the familiar sequence that would follow.

“£150!” she would call out.

In response, he would discreetly mutter, “No, £5,” just hoping to deter her.


This exchange between them evolved into a daily ritual.


And his consistent retort, “No, £5!”


One day, Prince Charles’s wife, Camilla, decided to accompany him on his walk. Approaching the corner where the prostitute usually stood, he apprehended that the usual £150 proposal would raise Camilla’s suspicions about his past interactions.

As they drew nearer to the spot, his unease grew. There she was, positioned as always. Prince Charles attempted to avoid eye contact, aware of her observation as they passed.

Then, unexpectedly, the prostitute’s voice rang out, “This is what you get for five pounds, you cheap bastard!”


Exploring the Side-Effects of Testosterone Intake in Women

After receiving a prescription for testosterone, a woman attended a follow-up appointment with her doctor. During the visit, she shared her unease regarding certain side effects she had encountered.

“Doctor,” she began, “the hormones you prescribed have indeed been helpful, but I’m becoming concerned that the dosage might be excessive. I’ve noticed hair growth in areas I didn’t anticipate.”

The doctor reassured her, clarifying, “Hair growth can indeed be a typical outcome of testosterone treatment. Could you specify where exactly you’ve observed this hair growth?”


Her response was, “On my testicles.”


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