‘I proposed to my boyfriend – people say I’ve stolen his moment and emasculated him’

Posted February 28, 2023 by: Admin #News

A woman’s decision to propose to her boyfriend has sparked controversy and criticism from some people who believe it goes against traditional gender roles. The woman defended her actions, stating that she and her partner had agreed to get married and that she is a “planner” who wanted to make the proposal special for both of them. Despite this, some individuals accused her of emasculating her partner and suggested that she may have been tired of waiting for him to propose.


The woman explained that she proposed to her boyfriend in a low-key way that was personal to them, and that he was happy with how it went. She also emphasized that it was right for them as a couple to do it this way around, and that gender roles should not dictate how people approach their relationships.

Commenters on Reddit also weighed in on the issue, with some sharing their own experiences of proposing to their partners and others criticizing the focus on gender roles. One person shared that their proposal was rejected by their boyfriend, who felt that it emasculated him and took away his control over one aspect of the wedding planning.


Overall, the debate over who should propose highlights the ongoing tension between traditional gender roles and changing societal norms. While some people may feel that men should be the ones to propose, others believe that anyone should be able to take the lead in their relationships, regardless of their gender. Ultimately, what matters most is that couples are able to communicate openly and make decisions that work best for them.


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