‘I feel guilty I’m still here!’ Tom Parker’s wife Kelsey opens up about his death

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Kelsey Parker, the widow of The Wanted star Tom Parker, has opened up about her struggles with grief following his death from an inoperable brain tumour in March 2022, leaving behind their two young children. In an interview on Good Morning Britain, Mrs Parker spoke about the theme of guilt that runs through her upcoming TV show, which will also explore how she is rebuilding her life.


Although Mrs Parker feels she did everything she could for her husband, she still experiences feelings of guilt that she is still here and that Tom is missing out on seeing their children grow up. The new TV show has been therapeutic for her, providing an outlet for her emotions and allowing her to work through her grief.

The couple welcomed their first child, Aurelia, in 2019, and their son, Bodhi, was born while Tom was battling the tumour in 2020. Mrs Parker is reportedly now dating Sean Boggans, whom she met while on holiday in Rhodes earlier this year. However, the source emphasised that it is early days and nobody knows what the future may hold. For now, Mrs Parker is happy that someone else has come into her life.


The TV show promises to offer a poignant insight into Mrs Parker’s journey through grief, providing comfort to those who have also lost loved ones. The programme will allow viewers to connect with the grieving process and understand the emotional rollercoaster that comes with it.



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