Fostering Love: The Remarkable Transformation of Four Outdoor Kittens

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In a heartwarming transformation, four formerly standoffish outdoor kittens had an adorable change of heart, all thanks to the kindness of their rescuer.


At the end of last month, these four kittens were brought to the UC Davis Veterinary Hospital ER. They were found living outdoors, without the comfort of their mother. At just five weeks old, their initial response to humans was one of wariness, keeping them at arm’s length with hisses and spats, and frantically seeking hiding spots.

shy kittens cuddles

The Yolo County SPCA extended a helping hand and offered to take them in. Their foster volunteer, Angela, stepped up to provide a safe and warm home for these apprehensive felines.

kittens shy carrier


Angela carefully placed the frightened kittens in a quiet and calming space, allowing them the time to adjust and decompress.

They emerged from their carrier, hunched over, with their fur bristling, and ears flattened against their heads. Upon finding a cozy box to hide in, they clung to each other for comfort, their wide saucer-like eyes fixed on their foster mom.


hissy shy kittens

Initially, any attempt by Angela to approach them resulted in an alarm of hisses. Angela noted, “They probably hadn’t been around people before. They would try to hide behind the litter box and hiss whenever someone got too close or tried to pet them.”

But as their anxiety began to subside, Angela made a tempting offer to these kittens – cat treats. Pumpkin, one of the tabbies, hesitantly accepted a bite and found herself devouring more.


As she savored the food, her eyes widened with delight, and her fear began to melt away.

shy kittens trying treats

The other kittens – Boo, Spice, and Casper – gradually mustered the courage to try these tempting treats.

Angela shared, “The kittens quickly realized that humans were not so bad after all. They went from hissing at me to meowing at me whenever I entered the room.”


Casper and Boo emerged as the bravest of the group, leading the way for Spice and Pumpkin to seek affection, explore, and play with new toys. Their adventurous side blossomed as they settled into their cozy indoor life.

happy purring kittens

Spice, who initially took the longest to warm up, gradually shed her fear and hesitancy. She transformed with the help of playtime and food, and her first purr marked a significant milestone in her journey. Angela remarked, “She’s been the sweetest kitten ever since.”


In just under two weeks, these once-timid kittens have evolved into a delightful quartet, eagerly seeking attention and treats from their human companions. They now frolic around the playpen without a care in the world.

vocal kittens demanding

Boo has become the most skilled “biscuit-maker” among the litter, her little paws moving in a rhythmic dance while she purrs contentedly with half-closed eyes, soothing not just the blanket but anyone within earshot.

cute kitten kneading</ p>


These once-fearful kittens have blossomed into a harmonious group radiating affection, confidence, and joy.

They greet their foster mom with headbutts of adoration and transform their room into a purring oasis. Angela says, “When I pet one kitten, the others will come meowing and asking for pets, too.”

sweet kitten lap cat



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