Bucket’s sad story: a dog abandoned in a boiler

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A small abandoned dog, recently found in a terrible condition in Quebec City, is getting his strength back. Though it has a happy ending, the story of Bucket, so nicknamed because he was found in a dirty boiler, reminds us that many animals suffer a sad fate during the moving season.


Now Bucket runs, plays and eats to his heart’s content. Just a few days ago, the puppy was fighting for his life near a SPA building in Quebec City.

Approximately 4 weeks old, he should have been weaned by his mother. Instead, he was found alone, unable to get out of a 5-liter bucket. Quebec SPA supervisor Annick Fecteau says Bucket was quite a sight when he was found. “When the animal arrived, he was in a boiler. There were bugs. He had mud. He was shaking with fear and cold,” she says.


Deep in the heart of Quebec City, a little abandoned dog struggles to regain his strength. His name is Bucket, a nickname given to him after he was discovered in a filthy boiler, embodying the harsh reality faced by countless animals during the chaotic moving season.

Bucket’s existence today is a testament to hope and triumph. He frolics with newfound joy, his youthful spirit shining brightly. Just a few days ago, this puppy’s life was at stake, dangerously close to a building belonging to the SPA de Québec.


At around four weeks old, Bucket should still have been under his mother’s protection. However, misfortune took its toll on him, leaving him abandoned and trapped in a five-liter bucket, with no means of escape.

Annick Fecteau, supervisor at the SPA de Québec, vividly remembers the state in which Bucket was discovered. “When he arrived at our door, he was confined to a desolate boiler room. Covered in filth, infested with bugs, he was shivering with fear and cold,” she recounts, her voice brimming with empathy.

Under the affectionate guidance of a dedicated foster family, Bucket is now the object of attentive care and is relearning to trust humans. Once his age and health permit, he will be offered for adoption at the SPA. Yet in the midst of this story of resilience, we cannot forget the irresponsible actions of the person who ruthlessly abandoned Bucket.


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