19 Flattering Pixie Bob Haircuts for Women Over 50 Wanting a Cute Short Do

Bob Cute Flattering Haircuts Pixie Short Wanting Women

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#1: Graduated Bixie with Side Bangs for Thick Hair


For thick hair, try a graduated bixie with side fringes. Cutting your hair short is a good way to get rid of some of your overgrown hair and make it easier to dry with a hairdryer. Have your stylist cut the hair at the nape of your neck and add minimal layers for a nice rounded shape. Your side fringes will flow perfectly if you make sure your parting is low, at the corner of your eye. Smooth out your pixie bob with a round brush and a smoothing product for a bold look that will make you look younger.

#2: Long Bixie with Wispy Bangs

Long Bixie with Wispy Bangs for People Over 50

Think of a long bixie with wavy fringes as your next hairstyle. The long bixie is a mix of a bob and a pixie. Have your stylist do shaggy layers, short on top and at chin level. You might want to style your bixie closer to your face for a more current shape. You can air dry with a texturizing putty for a subdued finish.


#3: Long Pixie Bob on Fine Hair

The Pixie Bob is a stylish hairstyle that is ideal for you if you have fine hair without volume. A pixie bob hairstyle will give your hair texture and movement in all the right places. Think about changing your parting, if you normally wear it in the middle, to a side parting to change your look.

#4: Angled Pixie Bob with Pieced Layers


Try an angled pixie cut if you are looking for an easy to style haircut. Short pieced layers add just enough edginess to make women over 50 feel younger. Consider using a wax spray such as Redken’s Wax Blast 10 to enhance the piecemeal layers.

#5: Shaggy Bixie Shorts with Micro Choppy Bangs

Soft Textured Bixie with Bangs for Fifties

The best bixie haircut is short and shaggy with micro choppy bangs. A pixie bob haircut for women over 50 who want a modern and youthful style should consider this crop. Micro bangs are ideal for fine hair textures and round, heart and oval face shapes. Ask your stylist to use a razor to create a super smooth wispy texture.


#6: Soft Textured Bixie with Bangs

Inverted Pixie Bob with Side Bangs for a 50 Year Old Lady

Go for a bixie cut with a soft texture and bangs. With pixie bobs, you get a versatile style that you can try if you are growing out your pixie in longer lengths. Consider bangs or a deep side part to balance out your face shape.

#7: Inverted Pixie Bob with Side Bangs

A pixie bob that is inverted with side bangs is perfect for older women who want a short style and can give you a beautiful and easy to style option. Try a bixie hairstyle if you want a cut that isn’t as short as a pixie but isn’t as goofy either. Have layers for some volume on fine hair or really texture the ends for thick hair.


#8: Pointed A-Line Bixie with Fringe

You’ll want to try a spiky a-line bixie with a fringe and switch things up. Short layers throughout this shape will give you an edge, and straight hair works best. Avoid using a brush and try blow drying with your hands for a more tousled finish. I recommend using wax or putty when styling to bring out its texture. A pixie bob for older women is a great way to bring out your modern side.

#9: Feathered Pixie Bob


You should try a feathered pixie for its natural and easy style. Ask your stylist for lots of layers, but you’ll want them to be long enough for movement. Hair that is pulled away from the face is a great option for long faces or sagging features. A short hairstyle can enhance your appearance and make you look younger. To maintain its most current shape, you should try styling your hair with just your hands and a wax product keeping it closer to your head and tousled.

#10: Short bixie cut for older women with glasses

Razor Cut Pixie with Textured Bangs for Women 50+

A short bixie is perfect for older women with glasses, as it is an ideal shape for women with smaller eyes and fuller cheeks. If possible, avoid adding volume to the sides; instead, a slightly wispy length is recommended. A perfect way to describe an in-between shape to your stylist would be a bixie.

#11: Razor Cut Pixie with Textured Bangs


Try a razor-cut pixie with textured bangs for an easy-care hairstyle. A flattering way forward will add a modern touch to your look. A razor cut will give your shape textured edges and allow the cut to grow out smoother. You’ll want to blow-dry by moving your hair towards your face. A pixie hairstyle dries quickly and is perfect if you have fine hair.

#12: Stacked Pixie Bob for Older Ladies

Subtle Layered Concave Bixie Haircut for Women Over 50

If you are an older woman, you should try a stacked pixie bob. A bixie style is great if you want a modern short style. Short cuts with fullness at the crown and perimeter enhance your face shape while working well with round, heart, and oval face shapes. Try a volumizing root spray for added hold and enhance using a round brush and blow dryer when styling.

#13: Concave Bixie Haircut with Subtle Layers


A concave pixie haircut with subtle layers is a great low-maintenance pixie bob style for women over fifty. Subtle layers add movement to your hair without adding a lot of styling. If you can spend more time styling your hair, try using a round brush to get more lift out of the layers.

#14: Face-framing layered bixie

If you’re over 50, try a face-framing, layered bixie. A pixie bob style is very versatile and works for all different face shapes and hair textures. The soft layers that frame the face will add movement and body to your hair. Ask your barber to use texturing scissors around the edges to give the cut a more chunky, edgy look.

#15: Pixie Bob with Long Side Bangs on Straight Hair

You will love a pixie bob with long side bangs if you have straight hair. Ask your stylist for a cropped neckline and long top for a dramatic, youthful look. You’ll want to blow dry with a smoothing serum and a large round brush for a bold finish. A pixie bob for women over 50 is a great option for a trendy, easy-to-maintain look. You will need a workout every 5 weeks.

#sixteen: Wavy Bob with Side Parting on Gray Hair

Choppy Pixie Bob with Short Bangs for a 50-Year-Old Woman

If you have strong features, you should try a wavy bob with a side part to soften your look. If you have straight hair, a loose perm is always an option. Ask your stylist for short hair with square layers for the perfect shape. Leaving your bangs long will give you an even softer profile and is a fabulous option. With natural waves or a perm, you can air-dry with a curl-enhancing product and be done in no time.

#17: Choppy Pixie Bob with Short Bangs

If you are looking for a unique and modern style, then you should try a choppy pixie bob with short bangs. If you want to keep it looking modern, make sure your stylist leaves one side of the bangs long, giving it an asymmetrical shape that is sure to turn heads. Lots of layers will give you a choppy cut that can be blow dried straight or even curled with a flat iron. You’ll want to style your hair further forward for the most fabulous finish.

#18: Short Wispy Bob for Fine Hair

If you’re an older woman who wants a cute cut to brighten your face, ask your stylist for fine hair that frames your cheekbones and eyes. Don’t forget that short styles require more maintenance due to faster growth. Try blow drying with a flat brush and following the curve of your head to give your hair body.

#19: Wash and Wear Wedge Pixie Bob

If you’re tired of your long locks, try a big cop with a wash-and-wear wedge pixie bob. For a woman over 50, a pixie haircut offers classic, easy upkeep. Styling your hair will be a breeze with this short length. To maintain the pixie shape, get your hair cut every 4-6 weeks to keep it looking fresh and sleek.

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