17 Best Bob Haircuts for Women in Their 50s With Fine Hair

50s Bob Fine Hair Haircuts Women

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#1: Stacked Bob with Side Bangs


The inverted bob with a side fringe is perfect to create volume in your fine hair! An inverted bob is great for women in their 50s who are getting bored with their current style. Smooth your hair and add a shine spray to enhance the volume.

#2: Jaw-Length Blunt Bob with Bangs

Give a short jawline haircut with fringes a try if you want a new modern look. If you’ re a woman who wants to look younger, then this is the perfect hairstyle for you! The strength of this cut will give you a new and modern look.


#3: Textured Choppy Bob

Gray Bob with Full Side Bangs for Women Over 50 with Fine Hair

Textured bobs for older women are a great way to add volume and movement! The short hair is low maintenance and easy to style with a few waves and a texturising spray to show off your new hair.

#5: Gray Bob with Full Side Bangs

Shoulder-Length A-Line Bob for Round Faces and Fine-Haired Women 50+


Having a grey bob with side fringes really brings out the highlights in your natural grey hair. A shorter bob for fine hair will create a fullness you’ll love! Comb it with a round brush to create some volume.

#6: Shoulder-Length A-Line Bob for Round Faces

A shoulder-length a-line bob is perfect if you want a new slimming haircut! Bob cuts are perfect for women in their fifties who want an easy, low-maintenance style. Styled with some waves will really show off that texture.


#7: Round Bob with Long Bangs

Shaggy Bob with Orange Red Money Piece for Women 50+

Try a round bob with long bangs if you want some fullness in your fine hair. A bob hairstyle will make you look 10 years younger! Have fun with your new locks.

#8: Shaggy Bob with red-orange money piece

Wispy Layered Bob for Fine Straight Hair in Women Over 50

Show your funky personality and try a shaggy bob with a red-orange coin. This standout combination provides the softness of shaggy layers but a pop of bold color. A layered bob for women over 50 with fine hair is great because it will avoid dead ends with shaggy layers that move in light.


#9: Wispy Layered Bob for Straight Hair

Try a wispy layered bob if you want volume in your straight hair. Bob haircuts for women over 50 with fine hair are very popular! You will love how versatile this hairstyle is.

#10: Tousled Bob Style for Wavy Hair

Asymmetrical bob with side parting for women in their fifties with fine hair


Consider a tousled style for wavy hair if you’re an active woman! This bob hairstyle is perfect for older women who want to wash up and go. Whether you scrunch up some mousse and voila, or add some waves, you’ll love the versatility.

#11: Asymmetric Bob with Side Parting

Try an asymmetrical bob with a side parting if you want an edgier look for your locks! This hairstyle will refine the shape of your face and create a youthful-looking effect.

#12: Short Concave Bob

Graduated wavy bob for women over 50 with fine hair


A short concave bob for women over 50 is very flattering! A graduated bob will show off the fullness and volume of your hair. You will love how beautiful and easy your new bob hairstyle is.

#13: Graduated Wavy Bob

If you want to give straight hair a boost, try a graduated wavy bob. Graduated layers add weight and height to give an elongated shape for fuller looking hair. A layered bob for women over 50 with fine hair is always a great option and makes your hair look full and lush.

#14: Angled Chin Length Bob

Straight Bob with Full Bangs for a 50 Year Old Woman with Fine Hair


An angled bob is classy and chic! A chin-length bob is a beautiful and modern style that you will love. Whether you style your hair wavy or straight, you’ll love how easy your new look is.

#15: Straight Bob with Full Bangs

For a classic cut, go for a straight bob with bangs. Women in their 50s can still look fresh and stylish with this timeless hairstyle. Keeping the ends blunt and sleek will keep you looking polished and dead ends at bay. Having a full fringe can help hide forehead wrinkles or a long face shape.

#16: Soft French Bob for White Hair

Try a smooth French bob if you want a classy new look. This hairstyle is perfect for women in their 50s who want to add a bit of flair to their hair. Finish your hair with a shine serum to show off your natural white hair!

#17: Low Maintenance Long Bob

Consider a low-maintenance lob if you want to add some flair but are a busy woman on the go. A shoulder-length bob is easy to style! Whether finished straight or curly, you’ll love how effortless your new locks can be.

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