Your favorite Korean idols without makeup

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South Korean women cannot spend a day without applying a sheet mask, one of the most popular products in Asia, or even hydrogel patches under the eyes for a few minutes. They may spend hours and hours pampering their skin by massaging it and repeating the application of several products: BB cream, make-up remover or care oils, liquid care to bring this famous “wet skin” effect, exfoliating lotions, and “whitening” care.


Korean idols are definitely the best inspiration, with their cute shaped eyes, their glassy skin, and pink soft lips. Even though these actresses and singers reach this perfection by applying tons of makeup, that yet still looks like a natural light one.

The ultimate question is: How do these Korean idols look when they wake up in the morning? You’re curious, aren’t you? Well, here is a list of Korean female idols with and without makeup.

Jang Na-ra


You will be surprised to know that Jang Na-Ra is not a teenager! Believe it or not, she’s 39 years old, and that explains why she was perfect when she played the role of 34 years old woman that was mistaken for being a teenager.

Shin Min-ah

She’s a popular model and actress,  and even in her 30’s she still looks very young and fit. Shin Min-Ah is the most demanded and highest paid commercial endorsers, also she has achieved huge success as a model, all this is due to her unique beauty. We shouldn’t ignore that with a little boost of makeup and surgery, Shin Min Ah had successfully got a special beauty.


Kim Tae-hee

Kim Tae Hee is a “Nation’s Goddess”, she’s considered the most beautiful woman in South Korea, and a national icon of beauty because of her baby face.

Kim Tae Hee was not looking for fame, she was in a subway when suddenly an advertising executive offered her a job in the modeling business, and this is how her career started shinning.


Jun Ji-Hyun

A beautiful face, and soul. Jun Ji Hyun is very famous for looking always natural and funny in almost all her roles in dramas. But a small touch of makeup is required to keep that fresh look.


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