Taco Bell credit card scam warning as couple lose £565 and employee arrested

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A Taco Bell employee, Trevell Mosby, has been taken into custody following allegations of fraudulent activities during his tenure at the fast food establishment.


Mosby is currently facing charges of identity fraud and theft, prompted by multiple customers who reported unauthorized purchases on their credit cards after visiting the Taco Bell located on Navarre Avenue in Oregon, Ohio. Among the affected customers, one couple claims to have lost $700 as investigators continue to probe further instances of suspected fraudulent transactions.

Kristin and Crystal Orwig recount their visit to the Taco Bell where Mosby was employed earlier this month, a routine stop they made a couple of times each week. However, on this particular occasion, they encountered difficulties while attempting to pay for their order.

Allegedly, Mosby informed the couple that their card was malfunctioning and required manual swiping. “I handed the kid my card, and he swiped it,” Kristin recounted to WTVG. “He’s in there for a few minutes and looks over at me because we’re like, ‘Where’s my card?’ and he says, ‘Oh, I’m sorry, I’m having trouble with your card, I’m going to have to swipe it.'” This raised suspicion since they had used the card at a different store only moments before.


Despite eventually settling the bill for their meal, Kristin and Crystal were taken aback when they discovered that over $700 had vanished from their bank account a few hours later. To date, they have not recovered the stolen funds.


“My card will never leave my hand again,” Crystal declared. “You can bring me the machine.”

In response, the Oregon Police Department launched an inquiry that culminated in Mosby’s arrest. Ryan Spangler, Oregon’s assistant police chief, informed Fox Business that “numerous additional victims are still being identified.” He further stated, “Detectives will be meeting with the Lucas County Common Pleas Court Prosecutor’s office in the next few days to discuss felony criminal charges in this case.”


In light of the alleged scam, authorities have urged individuals to diligently review their bank statements and promptly report any suspicious card activity to the police. The Oregon Ohio Police Division shared a post on their Facebook page, advising affected individuals to file a police report. Reports can be filed either in person at the Oregon Police Division or by dispatching an officer to one’s residence.

The post also emphasized the importance of providing bank statements illustrating the fraudulent charges, along with specific transaction details, including the date and time when the card may have been compromised. For non-emergency situations, residents can contact Dispatch at 419-255-8443.


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