‘Super Mario Bros.’ star Chris Pratt says his son, Jack, likes Luigi more than Mario: ‘Sorry dad!’

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Chris Pratt and Charlie Day, who voice the famous video game siblings Mario and Luigi respectively, in the upcoming animated movie, “The Super Mario Bros. Movie”, reveal in an interview with Yahoo Entertainment that their kids have differing preferences when it comes to the Nintendo characters they play.


Pratt shares that his 10-year-old son, Jack, favors Luigi over Mario in the video game, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. To Pratt’s surprise, Jack’s second favorite character is Toad, the Mushroom Kingdom friend of the famous plumbers, voiced by Keegan-Michael Key in the film. According to Pratt, Jack has even pointed out the fact that Toad has teeth in the movie, which he finds interesting.

This isn’t the first time Jack has supported characters that his dad doesn’t play, as he has also shown a fondness for Spider-Man and Captain America, both characters that Pratt’s Marvel Cinematic Universe character, Star-Lord, is not.

On the other hand, Day’s 11-year-old son, Russell, is “agnostic” when it comes to choosing between the Mario brothers, showing a love for all video games, especially Nintendo ones. When asked which brother Russell prefers, Day admits that it could go either way, but for the sake of fairness, he’s willing to cede the title of “son’s favorite character” to Pratt and declare that Russell’s choice is Mario.


Both Pratt and Day agree that it’s all in good fun and enjoy the friendly rivalry between their characters, even extending it to their personal lives. Nonetheless, they are relieved that their kids aren’t fans of Bowser, the Mario Bros. arch-nemesis.

“The Super Mario Bros. Movie” will be released on December 21, 2023, and is expected to be a huge hit with fans of the classic Nintendo game franchise.


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