Paltrow’s version of ski crash ‘consistent with laws of physics’, US court told

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The ongoing trial in Utah, where Gwyneth Paltrow is being sued by retired optometrist Terry Sanderson over a skiing accident in 2016, has seen a new development. A biochemical engineer, Dr Irving Scher, testified in court that Ms Paltrow’s version of events is “consistent with the laws of physics”. This contradicts earlier witness accounts that stated Ms Paltrow had collided with Mr Sanderson, causing him severe head injuries and broken ribs. Ms Paltrow had claimed that Mr Sanderson had collided with her.


Dr Scher disputed the calculations of previous witnesses, stating that their analyses were incorrect, and he was unable to replicate their scenarios. He provided calculations and diagrams to demonstrate that Ms Paltrow’s version was the only one that matched the laws of physics. He argued that the calculations of Dr Richard Boehne, who testified earlier, were incorrect due to a miscalculation in velocity. He added that corrected measurements showed Mr Sanderson’s injuries should have been “much worse”.

During his testimony, Dr Scher also addressed evidence from another witness, Craig Ramon, who claimed that Ms Paltrow caused the collision. Dr Scher stated that he could not get this scenario to work. He further noted that if Ms Paltrow’s skis had come off during the collision, as they should have, it would have taken very little force. But they stayed on, and this contradicts Mr Sanderson’s version of events that she was trapped under him.


Ms Paltrow had earlier stated that she lost “half a day of skiing” with her family due to the accident. While she said that she felt sorry for Mr Sanderson, she reiterated that she was not at fault. The trial is still ongoing, and the jury will have to consider all the evidence presented to them before making a decision.



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