Keanu Reeves reunites with band Dogstar for first show in more than 20 years

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In a remarkable and highly anticipated event, Keanu Reeves graced the stage at Napa Valley’s BottleRock festival on a glorious Saturday, marking the glorious return of his alternative rock band after more than two decades.


Despite the jitters that naturally come with performing live, the 58-year-old actor shared with the San Francisco Chronicle that his bandmate Robert Mailhouse provided unwavering support, enveloping him in a blanket of positivity. Reeves recounted Mailhouse’s advice, saying, “He was just super positive. He was like, ‘Listen to the music. Just be present in the song, and it will go from there.'”

And go it did. The band, comprised of Reeves, Mailhouse, and Bret Domrose, treated the ecstatic crowd to a journey through time, performing beloved tracks from their previous albums, “Our Little Visionary” from 1996 and “Happy Ending” from 2000. But that was not all; they also generously unveiled new enchanting melodies from their forthcoming third album, including the captivating tunes “Glimmer” and “Flowers.”


Having formed in the vibrant music scene of mid-1990s Los Angeles, Dogstar had announced their triumphant return the previous summer. Reeves, who effortlessly donned the roles of bassist and backing vocalist, confessed to Billboard that he deeply missed the camaraderie and creative synergy with his bandmates. In fact, the pandemic unexpectedly brought them back together for impromptu jam sessions, rekindling their shared passion.

“We played the classics, and then the inspiration struck—we began crafting new songs,” Reeves explained. “I missed the joy of playing together, the collaborative songwriting, and the exhilaration of live performances. It’s something I’ve yearned for all these years. Once we started playing again and felt that incredible positive energy, it was clear: this had to happen.”


In the span of just two-and-a-half months in early 2020, Reeves and his fellow bandmates composed an impressive collection of songs for their upcoming album. Although the title and release date remain a tantalizing mystery, the world eagerly awaits this transcendent musical creation. Reeves, renowned for his iconic roles in films like “Bill & Ted,” “Speed,” “Dracula,” and “The Matrix,” expressed his immense joy at rediscovering his alt-rock roots. “It’s a realm that holds a special place in my heart, a sanctuary I’ve always sought to preserve,” he shared with a radiant smile.

Recent success continued to embrace Reeves, who had dazzled audiences in “John Wick 4.” Exciting news arrived earlier in the week as Lionsgate confirmed the early development of a fifth installment in the action-packed franchise, with Reeves reprising his role as the legendary assassin. The fourth chapter, helmed by director Chad Stahelski, had proven to be a resounding box office triumph, amassing a staggering $420 million globally since its theatrical release in March.


Keanu Reeves’ return to the stage not only captivated fans but also illuminated the enduring passion and remarkable talent of this beloved actor-turned-musician. With his infectious spirit and genuine love for alt-rock, Reeves continues to enchant audiences both on the big screen and in the world of music, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of his devoted admirers.

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