I am a homeowner – I was baffled when I ripped up floorboards in my 300-year-old house & made a bizarre find

Posted February 22, 2023 by: Admin #News

A man recently stumbled upon an unusual finding while carrying out routine checks at his 18th-century property.


He took to Reddit to share a picture of a large stash of corn he discovered under his floorboards. The man expressed his gratitude that the discovery didn’t cause any “mouldy smell” issues in the house, explaining that it most likely didn’t biodegrade due to the weather not being able to get to it, and it being closed off.

While some Reddit users suggested that the corn was used as an old method of insulation, others believed it could have been the work of a hungry animal. One user claimed that it was the work of a raccoon, while another user guessed that some kind of critter may have stashed the corn under the floorboards.


This incident is not the first time that something unusual has been found under a house’s floorboards. A couple last year discovered a cup of gold coins buried under their kitchen floorboards, which were worth a whopping £250,000. Another couple cleaning their home in Prince George, Canada, found out that they had won £82,000 in the lottery, but their joy was short-lived as they later discovered a devastating twist.

Finding unusual things under a house’s floorboards can be exciting and thrilling, but it can also be unsettling. Despite the mystery surrounding the stash of corn under the man’s floorboards, he appeared to take it in stride and shared his discovery with others.


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