Desperate Britney Spears: ‘I want Justin Timberlake back!’

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Britney Spears recently reignited her feud with Alyssa Milano, accusing the actress of “bullying” her on social media. Milano had expressed her concerns for Spears back in December, but the pop star’s recent outburst upset her husband Sam Asghari. Sources claim that Asghari worries that the feud stems from Spears’ affection for her ex-boyfriend, Justin Timberlake.


Spears and Timberlake dated for three years and were considered the “It” couple of the early 2000s. However, their relationship turned sour amid cheating allegations, which neither of them has confirmed or denied. Shortly after their split, Timberlake began dating Milano, revealing that she was his childhood crush. The pair dated for a few months before splitting in early 2003.

In an emotional interview that year, a tearful Spears revealed that she had lost her virginity to Timberlake and that she would always love him. She said that he would always have a special place in her heart and that she had thought they would be together for the rest of her life.

During Spears’ bid to end her 13-year long conservatorship, which put her under the financial and emotional control of her father, Timberlake spoke out in support of her, saying that “what’s happening to her is just not right.” Sources say that Timberlake’s support meant a lot to Spears.


Spears has reportedly never gotten over Timberlake and often talks to her friends about their time together and what might have been. She still says that she wants him back in her life, even if it’s just as a trusted friend. However, Timberlake has politely swerved anything more than a brief catch-up, and Spears has reportedly tried to get in touch with him desperately.


Despite the strains on their relationship, Spears and Asghari have put on a united front on social media. However, cracks have reportedly begun to appear, particularly after Spears’ revealing social media posts and her reported restaurant meltdown last month. The rehashing of her rift with Milano has placed further strain on their marriage, and Asghari has asked Spears to focus on the future instead of her past relationships.

Asghari has told Spears that he feels uncomfortable when she mentions Timberlake and has asked her not to do so. He wants them to focus on each other and their relationship and has said that he is done feeling embarrassed and awkward.


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