Brooke Shields ‘stopped receiving cake from Tom Cruise’ after Suri was cut from Christmas card

Posted April 6, 2023 by: Admin #News

Actress Brooke Shields recently disclosed that she no longer receives Christmas cards and cakes from actor Tom Cruise, even though she used to be on his gift list for a decade. Shields stated that Cruise would send a $126 coconut bundt cake every year, which she looked forward to. However, the gift-giving stopped, and Shields is not sure why.


In addition, Shields revealed that Cruise cut his ex-wife, Katie Holmes, and their daughter, Suri, from his annual Christmas card. Shields stated that the card used to feature the three of them, but it eventually became just Tom Cruise. She also remarked that Cruise had been on good terms with her until they had a very public feud in 2005, which began after she spoke about her postpartum depression struggles. During a Today Show interview, Cruise criticized her medication choices, stating that she did not understand the history of psychiatry, which Shields responded to in a New York Times op-ed.

Shields’ husband Chris Henchy urged her to respond to Cruise’s comments, and she eventually did. However, she later attended Cruise’s wedding to Holmes in 2006, which signaled a reconciliation between the two. Their daughters, Suri and Grier, even celebrated their first birthdays together. Unfortunately, Shields stated that Tom’s divorce from Holmes in 2012 changed everything, and their friendship ended.


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