10 of the UK’s wealthiest entrepreneurs 2020

10 of the UK's wealthiest Alan Sugar Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken J.K. Rowling Lady de Rothschild Peter Jones Philip Green Richard Branson Ruth Parasol Simon Cowell Sir James Dyson wealthiest entrepreneurs 2020

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If we ask you, who are the richest people in the UK? Your answer would probably be, athletes and actors. Wrong, the answer is Entrepreneurs.

Here is the list of the wealthiest entrepreneurs and investors in the United Kingdom.


Ruth Parasol

Venture: PartyGaming


Net worth: 780M* GBP

Country: England



Ruth Parasol is originally from the states in California, but actually living in Gibraltar. Parasol is a lawyer, but her life took another road when she founded a gaming company in 1977, Starluck Casino Online, that operated in the Caribbean. Parasol decided to expand the company by including partners, renaming it PartyGaming Plc. Unfortunately, the company lost 60% of its business when the states passed anti-gambling legislation.



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